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Patient-Centered Care and a "Talk Show" Dynamic - Dr. David Kaminsky

Original release date:
 October 18, 2019
Access to this course expires on:  April 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Faculty: David B. Kaminsky, MD, FIAC

Learning Objectives:

The Cytopathologist and Patient-Centered Care
  1. Understand the forces behind the evolution of patient-centered care and why this model of health care delivery results in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, patient participation with enhanced compliance, and reduced costs.
  2. Educate pathologists to communicate effectively and empathetically in their roles as providers on health care teams and interventionalists at the patient interface.
  3. Learn the dynamics of how the patient interface changes the behavior and responsibility of pathologists as they become interventionalists and take an active role on health care delivery teams.

The Ideal Interactive Health Care Team: A "Talk Show" Dynamic
  1. Understand the benefits to patients of multidisciplinary interactive discussions regarding critical issues of patient care from diagnostic through therapeutic phases
  2. Illustrate the critical role and importance of pathologists to patient outcomes in the era of personalized medicine
  3. Develop compassionate attitudes and empathic communication by understanding the emotional position of patients imposed by their diseases