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Molecular Diagnostics of Lymphoma Lecture

Evaluated by: 
David B. Kaminsky, M.D., FIAC, April 11, 2018
Original release date: May 23, 2018
Access to this course expires on:  April 11, 2021
CME 1.75
SAMs 1.5

Faculty: Kojo S. Elenitoba-Johnson, M.D.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss currently available methods for identifying chromosomal rearrangements
  • Discuss recent advances in next-generation-sequencing methods and how they may be applied in molecular diagnostic of lymphoma. 
  • Recognize the genetic mutations of T-cell lymphoma/leukemia
  • Discuss molecular methods that are used routinely in molecular diagnostics laboratories for lymphoma. 
  • Discuss appropriate methods for molecular diagnosis of lymphoma.